Wavetrend leads the field in asset visibility and access control, providing award-winning active RFID technology that offers complete security and tracking solutions to organisations across the globe.

The RFID advantage, customised for your business

Wavetrend has been instrumental in developing active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and in identifying its potential for applications across a wide range of industries. Using our global network of Accredited Certified Partners, in conjunction with the highest quality hardware in the marketplace, Wavetrend provides bespoke solutions to businesses of every size. Whether you require a simple access control scheme for a specific site, or a complete asset tracking system for goods and equipment in multiple locations around the world, we offer an unrivalled service to all our clients.

A system that pays for itself

Wavetrend can improve staff performance, maximise operational efficiency, and greatly reduce the waste associated with poor asset management. We are the only company able to offer complete RFID packages across multiple industries because strong links with our Certified Partner organisations such as Psion and IBM allow us to develop exactly the right security or tracking solution for each project.

Integrating seamlessly into your business

Wavetrend's active RFID hardware can easily be integrated into your existing management system, avoiding burdensome installation costs or time-consuming training for your IT department.

Solutions for organisations of every size

All types of business, from small companies needing to manage a growing workforce, to multinationals requiring detailed reporting on their worldwide assets, can benefit from the cost-effective flexibility of Wavetrend's active RFID solutions. Our technology is adaptable and precise, and above all, accessible for every budget.

Wavetrend supports our clients and expert partners completely with world-beating asset tracking technology and highly efficient solutions to a variety of operational problems. Our outstanding tags and readers, with their flexible applications and impressive results, will enhance your company's performance across a number of fields, including staff monitoring, particularly in hazardous conditions, site security, inventory and billing control, and global asset visibility.

"The RFID technology of the Wavetrend tags, coupled with the powerful ISIS Aspects software, has provided another important layer in the security array of The National Gallery. To date, I have seen nothing that matches the functionality and performance." Jon Campbell, Head of Visitor Services and Security, The National Gallery, London.